about us

We are driven by a vision inspired by the potential of modern technology within the world of fencing. The application of cutting-edge technology in the realm of fencing has historically been limited, and this realization ignited our journey.

Our guiding idea is clear: to make fencing administration more accessible, optimized, and transparent, revolutionizing the way fencing competitions are managed, and providing state-of-the-art information systems for national federations and fencing clubs.

We hold a deep belief that what we do contributes to the better positioning of fencing as a sport, enhances its visibility, and ultimately strengthens and expands the entire fencing community. We are in love with fencing, and we firmly believe it is the most beautiful sport on Earth. Our aspiration is not just about transforming the way fencing as a sport operates; it's about nurturing a future where fencing's growth knows no bounds.

We dream of a world where the art of fencing flourishes and resonates far and wide, where technology empowers every fencer, club, and federation to reach new heights.

In our pursuit of excellence, we've assembled a team of professionals with an exceptional blend of fencing expertise and tech mastery. Our team includes seasoned fencers with experience in organizing some of the world's most prestigious fencing competitions, coupled with top-notch programmers and project managers who were once fencing champions themselves.

We are a winning team, both on and off the fencing piste, and we're ready to take the sport of fencing to uncharted territories. Our dreams may be big, but they are achievable, and together with our global fencing community, we are poised to turn these dreams into reality.

"Fence.rs" - redefining fencing for a digital age.