Frequently asked questions

What is the price for organizers to use the platform?

The price depends on several factors:

  • the scope of services/modules being used
  • the number of our team members providing onsite support.

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Can only individual modules or the entire platform be used when organizing a competition?
Of course, it is possible to use only the accreditation module or only the weapon control module, or any combination of modules that the organizer needs.
Where is the data stored and is access secure?

Our primary hosting centers are in Germany in Dusseldorf and Nuremberg where all our data are stored. Our infrastructure is designed to ensure that in case of one hosting center failure we can resume services from the other data center.

Direct access to database servers is available exclusively to Database administrators. Terminal access to the server is possible only from our office; the firewall is set to allow access only from our IP address. Accessing data from the application interface is defined by access roles which are defined by the customer and can be granulated in the ways that event and organization of the event require.

What specific services can your team provide during the organization of a competition?
From creating the official website and mobile app, through the complete accreditation process, weapon control, payment process, managing the competition in Fencing Time Software, connecting scoring machines and pistes to the DT/Internet, to providing technical support at the event. Our team also includes FIE judges and DT experts.
Can national federations use the platform for their own licensing system?
Of course, in addition to a complete digital database of all their members, our platform also enables the generation of licenses, tracking their validity, and recording payments.
Is it possible to establish national rankings as well?
Starting next season, this will become a standard feature of the platform. Federations will be able to choose the model and method for forming rankings, define competitions, point values, multipliers, and more. We will cover all known methods for creating and managing ranking lists.